Planning an Easy Backyard Garden

Planning a backyard garden can be both time-consuming and rewarding. Here, we look at some easy steps to take to start a garden and how you can grow vegetables, herbs, and evergreens. We’ll also cover the types of plants you can grow, and where you can plant them.

Hopefully, this information will help you make the right choices for your space and budget. After reading through this guide, you’ll be able to start planting your first garden in no time!


Growing your own food is an awesome accomplishment, but it may seem complicated at first. Start with these simple vegetables for an easy backyard garden! This is one of the easiest ways to grow fresh vegetables for your family!

Regardless of your gardening experience, these vegetables are guaranteed to produce a bounty of tasty produce. Sow the seeds and get growing! Read on to learn more about growing vegetables in your backyard! Listed below are a few tips for beginners.


Whether you’re looking for a simple flower or vegetable garden, growing herbs in your backyard is a great way to save money and get your hands on a delicious, aromatic crop. Many herbs can be used in cooking or dried for later use.

Choose herbs that tolerate a wide variety of soil and sunlight conditions, and you’ll be pleased with the results. Read on for tips on how to plant and harvest herbs in your backyard garden.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant that will add year-round beauty to your front yard, consider planting evergreens. Evergreens come in many colors, textures, and forms. They are an excellent choice for your landscape because they stop erosion and smother most weeds.

Here are some tips for choosing and caring for your new evergreens. In addition to their many benefits, evergreens are easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Planting locations

Before you start planning your easy backyard garden, you should choose a location that is relatively level and drains well. Select a location close to your home, so that you can see it easily.

Having a garden that you can see will make it easier to spot problems and harvest the vegetables at their prime. Planting locations near the house will make it easy to pick up herbs and tomatoes when they’re ripe.


When you’re looking for a way to beautify your backyard garden, mulch is an excellent choice. It has many advantages including slowing storm water runoff, preventing soil erosion, and reducing disease organism splashing.

In addition to its many benefits, mulch adds basic landscape design elements. There are two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Shredded bark is a popular choice, but you can also find bark nuggets, which are larger and decompose more slowly.


Placing statues in your garden will give your space a focal point, drawing the eye to the focal point. Place the statues near the doorway, along a path, or near your patio furniture for an instant focal point.

To add even more interest to your landscaping, use frames to emphasize the statues. Here are a few ideas for easy backyard garden placements. Depending on the size of the statue, you can choose a small or large one, and consider its placement.

Building a garden bed

If you are planning to plant vegetables and flowers in your backyard, building a garden bed is one of the easiest DIY projects. Generally, a garden bed is four feet wide and six feet long, with the longer sides flush with the shorter.

You can use 2-1/2-inch deck screws to attach the walls to each other. Once the frame is assembled, you can use screws or nails to attach the side walls. Once the sides of the bed are secured, you can add landscaping fabric or soil.

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